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9/9/2011 7:33:08 PM

Title: can sound from library be played along with animations?

I am new to flash. We can use sound in 3 ways, externally loaded sound, sound from library and sound on timeline, what is most preferred way of using sounds with animations in flash? can sound from library be played along with animations with synchronization with animations?

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9/9/2011 11:37:12 PM

perfect synchronization can only be achieved using Stream method. After adding the sound to timeline select the Sync method as "Stream" in properties window.This makes flash to read each sound packet placed on frame only. In other methods the sound plays independent which can make it out of sync with your animation. Other methods can be used for sound loops , background music etc.

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9/10/2011 4:41:24 AM

Thanks Efrain for that quick reply. So, I fail to understand how do they do it? I have seen elearning products where they have lot of links (8 to 10) within a single swf (i am presuming those links lead to child swfs with sounds). Do they nest sound deep? How do they control nested animations with sound, i.e., play, pause, rewind, volume control with the same player which controls the main timeline animations. I cannot make animations on even three consecutive frames. See the link http://askmeflash.com/qdetail/1702/how-can-i-stop-sound-on-first-frame

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9/11/2011 9:55:31 AM

as far as I understand.

They load the external swf files which contain the animation and the sound both in single file. The animations with taking or lip sync animations should be embedded sound in timeline with streaming so that the sound is attached to a particular flame. Else sound will play different every time and on every different system. This out of sync issue occurs as the length of file increases( like 2-3 min or more). Small files (Some seconds) you wont notice any out of sync issue. For small audio files you can use any method.

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9/16/2011 7:54:31 PM

Thanks Justin for your reply. I found this link to bring home the point: http://www.edurite.com/demo/media/ViewAnim.php?Filename=parts_flower.swf. Once it loads, click on next button 6 times and you see four links (all with sound/voice overs). If you click on corolla link, then there are further 4 (3+1) links with sound. How it can be accomplished? It does not seem to be external swf files as there is no preloader. Is it timeline sound? Are all sounds on main timeline? Is it sound on child movieclips? or is it sound from library? how so many links in single swf file, all with sound. If sounds are located on child movieclips, then how it is being controlled(play/pause/volume)by the same player? eagerly waiting for your response.

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