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12/11/2009 1:34:10 AM

Title: how to load two or more images in title window using as3

how to load two or more images in title window with single image control i.e., i declare one image control in action script. but it work for vbox but not work in title window so i need to load two or images in title window using action script with xml by the way of following xml, and also get all the "Name" from xml using array collection.

		public var gamesimg:XML=	
		<img src="Assets/images/beefrice.jpg" full="Assets/swf/beef fried rice.swf" Name='beef'/>
		<img src="Assets/images/orange.jpg" full="Assets/swf/Chocolate Orange Biscuits.swf" Name='chocolate'/>
		<img src="Assets/images/chickensalad.jpg" full="Assets/swf/Chicken salad.swf" Name='chicken'/>
		<img src="Assets/images/applecake.jpg" full="Assets/swf/Apple Cake.swf" Name='apple'/>
		<img src="Assets/images/doubletomato.jpg" full="Assets/swf/Double Tomato Bruschetta.swf" Name='double'/>
		<img src="Assets/images/red beans.jpg" full="Assets/swf/red-bean-salad.swf" Name='red'/>
can any body help me to give sample code for this

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12/11/2009 3:06:49 AM

you cannot load 2 images into one image control in flex. What is your exact requirement.
If you want to display images side by side then you can use two components instead .
Or do you want to load one image first then load the second one after some time ?

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12/12/2009 1:12:13 AM

i use title window to load images from XML using action script, it retrieve But display one back another, so i can see only last image. is it possibility to load six images from xml by rows and columns(i.e.,6 rows and 2 columns) in title window using action script.

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12/13/2009 1:25:53 AM

you should specify the position x and y of each image to make them display side by side .

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